The team of Raaz DawaKhana always working on research, testing and development of sex enhancement medicines. we provide power and rejuvenation to sexual organs of weak patients through herbs and therapy. We have the best team of experienced No. 1 sexologist, they serve the humanity and provide the best treatment to male sex problems and female sex problems. Our doctors are also the specialist in Breast Enlargement, Leucorrhoea, menstrual problem and weight loss and treated with powerful ayurvedic medicines that help in regain the confidence of sufferer. We have also best treatment of ladies sex problem such low libido in female and vagina looseness and lack of sex desire.

Breast Enlargement

These days, more women are embracing their small bust size instead of hiding their breasts under pounds of bra padding. Our Herbal Formula contains all 09 essential botanical which are important for quick permanent results.

Female Low Libido (Lack of Sexual Desire)

Woman’s everyday life is tiring, stressing, and even unbearable sometimes. This makes her loss desire in almost everything…”Rest” is the only single word floating in everyone’s mind all day long, and the first victim in all that is sexuality.

Loose Vagina

The vagina naturally changes after giving birth, and might feel wider, dry or sore for some time. Find out what to expect and the ways you can help speed recovery.


Leucorrhea is commonly known as white discharge. It is a female disease of the genital tract, in which a white discharge is seen from the vagina.


Menstrual Disorders

A regular and timely Menstrual Cycle is essential for a woman’s health. But today, a lot of females face Menstrual Problems, which may be due to various factors.


Painful Sex (Dyspareunia)

Painful intercourse can occur for a variety of reasons — ranging from structural problems to psychological concerns. Many women experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives.


Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery is an option but it is extremely expensive and has several complications and risks associated with it.


Female Infertility

Ayurvedic treatment for pregnancy is very effective.Not only this, female infertility treatment in ayurveda does not have any side effect.